***Prices are subject to change without notice***                                      ***Prices on Website are the most current & up to date***


Dog Sitting/Walking – visits to your home

30 Minute visit            $25.00 each visit (Add $5.00 each additional dog per visit)

45 Minute visit            $29.00 each visit (Add $5.00 each additional dog per visit)

60 Minute visit            $36.00 each visit (Add $5.00 each additional dog per visit)


Other Pet Sitting Services – visits to your home  (***15-20 minutes***)

Cat                               $19.00 each visit (add $2 each additional cat per visit)

Bird                             $19.00 each visit ($2 each additional cage per visit)

Caged Rodents        $19.00 each visit per cage

Fish                              $19.00 each visit per aquarium

Overnight Stays in YOUR home

$75.00 per night (12-hour stay) .............. no additional cost for extra pets in home

Fiesta Island Doggy Fun Day

SPECIAL FUN DAYS. Book per visit (2 hours minimum) or buy packages. Your fur baby will have so much fun with his/her doggy friends and gets lots of exercise. **Must be dog friendly** Other restrictions may apply.

Other Charges

Gasoline surcharge      35¢ per mile for each mile over 10 miles one way

Holidays Fee                   Additional $10.00 for HoliDAY & Holiday EVE

Late Cancellation           20% of billing for less than 3 days notice for regular visits / 40% for holidays

Key Pickup or Return    $5 (or choose Safe Key Program for FREE )

Short Notice                     Additonal $20 for requests less than 3 days before departure date

Some reasons for you and your pets to use

P.E.T.S. by MJ for your pet care needs:

  • Your pet remains at home where all the smells, sights, and sounds are familiar.
  • While your pet are at home, they are less likely to undergo stress and anxiety.
  • We give your pet the same dietery routine and exercise regime.
  • There is no exposure to possible illnesses from other animals.
  • Your home is cared for by a professional and we provide crime safety protocols while you are away (adjusting window blinds, lights, bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering)
  • You receive daily emails with pictures and videos of each visit.
  • And you can always call Mj to check on your fur baby at any time!