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Cat Sitting & Other Pet Sitting Services in San Diego

Book a Pet Sitting Today!

These services are generally about 20 minutes long.

Cats – litters are cleaned and refreshed. Water and Food are refreshed. And they get play time with their favorite toys! Or if your cat is a lover, they will get lots of love, cuddles, and kisses!

Birds – cages are cleaned if needed, water and food are refreshed, and interaction with your birds if they are used to interaction/play.

Caged Rodents – same as birds

Fish – feeding and maintenance of water/filtration

Also included in this service:
• crime preventative measures (such as adjusting window blinds, lights, bringing in the mail & newspaper)
• water plants
• *optional* receive daily emails with pictures and/or videos of each visit

***For cats who need longer interaction visits, you can choose the time slots under Dog Sitting/Walking***

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