Hi! My name is Mj. My love and passion to serve the animal world has blessed me with the natural ability to connect with animals on many levels. I have adopted, rescued, raised and nursed a variety of animals since childhood.

Starting a pet sitting business has always been a dream of mine and since making my home here in beautiful San Diego in 2012, the time was right to follow through with that dream.

I am a certified Reiki Master,Karuna® Reiki Master, and a Reiki Tummo Practitioner. For those who understand the ability and benefit of energy work, I have assisted in healing ailments quicker than if they were to heal on themselves. I have also helped reduce the amount of cancer in bodies.

Today, I focus my healing abilities to help the animals in need. Healing comes natural and each animal that comes my way always receives a healing session.

Mj’s Pets

As all animal lovers will agree, our pets become our family. And as family, each pet of mine had/has their own personality and story to tell. I enjoy so much documenting every pet, every animal that comes into my life. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

My current family includes Blackie, Baby Faith, Tabitha, and Little Star.

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